How To Move Towards Optimum Health With The Least Detox Symptoms

Detox symptoms can be extremely severe if you try to do too much too soon. Detoxification programs have become increasingly popular in recent years, for a variety of reasons. People are genuinely, and justifiably, concerned about the levels of pollutants in the environment, the additives in our diet, and the contaminants in drinking water. They are also worried about the fast paced lifestyle of the modern world, and the fact that so many are forced to grab a fast food snack instead of eating a proper meal. When the mass media begins offering potential solutions, it is inevitable that people are going to start listening.

The involvement of the mass media in detoxification may lead some people to think that the entire concept is new and revolutionary, but in fact it has been around for centuries. There has always been a solid core of enthusiasts who follow these concepts, and the evidence that they are effective has been there for decades. The media, though, have sparked controversy by concentrating on short term, fast solutions. This has played its part in attracting detractors, who attack the whole concept of detox just because the quick solutions will not suit everyone.

In reality, the short term programs advocated by many fashionable magazine articles and newspaper columns are more than likely to create an adverse reaction in a large percentage of the people who follow them. This is because they are really only suitable for use by people who have already developed a high degree of health and strength. Many of them are extreme programs, and will produce severe detox symptoms even in people who are used to fasting.

What is really needed is not simply a collection of short term fad programs which may work for some but will definitely not work for others, but an overall coherent plan which gives the reader the best options for every stage of the detoxification process. The detox symptoms will be too severe for someone to cope with if they are not yet ready for that level of treatment, and the reason lies with the liver.

If you are suffering from the effects of body toxins, especially if this is a lasting condition, then it is virtually inevitable that your liver will not be functioning at optimum level. Before you can begin any extreme program which will test your system to the limit, you need to make sure that your liver is working properly. It is best to build up slowly to this to limit the detox symptoms you will suffer. Start by cutting out the worst excesses of saturated fat and sugar, and try an occasional short one day fast to see what happens. If you can manage this successfully, it will stimulate your liver to action, and will do so with the minimum inconvenience from detox symptoms.



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